Notices for parents -

Is it a secure website for my children?

All games are purchased by foreign companies to this website and these companies send us games in exchange for publication of their ads. Every game you send us so we can publish them, analyze them and make sure they are suitable for all ages. We can assure you that each game is analyzed, we can not control are those games that are published by "iframe" and that these may vary over time depending on the company that we provided. For this reason, we always try not to publish games "iframe" as far as possible.

Nor can we ensure publicity published in such games, since we can not control and that is the gaming company and brand who should.

If you believe that there are games that should not be published on this website, please, we would like to hear your comments and proposals via our contact form.

Do you collect data of my children on the web?
The only data we collect are cookies that generates the web for every single user in order to make an intelligent web and can learn from their tastes. And we collect COOKIES: for the last games played, most played categories and other improvements of the web, etc ...
Without any advertising purposes only we collect these inofensibles COOKIES, for display in the web to every single Board Index their own interests and of course comply with the data protection policy
Further information about cookies here.

Is it safe to expose advertising on the web?
Advertising is largely controlled by Google adsense, which can be seen in its political program, and in which they explain clearly:
"The sites where Google ads are published should be easy to navigate. They can not change user preferences, you redireccionarles to unwanted websites, initiate downloads, include malware or contain pop-ups or pop-unders that interfere with navigation the place."
We have spent years working with Google Adsense and also fulfill their political :)

Another type of advertising is that companies in the aforementioned games published without our consent.

We do not control advertising set out in these games
expose games are games offered by third parties or companies that want to publicize their products and so, sometimes, exposed inctrolables advertising such content for us.
As we have mentioned, we analyze the games and try to publish games that do not conyeven to misinterpretations by these companies or third parties. Sometimes, this content of uncontrolled way, changing advertising and could give the case to expose advertising unsuitable for minors or links to other websites, unsuitable for minors.
We are not responsible for the content of the games themselves exposed.
But we can withdraw games that are inappropriate for our security policies for children under 18 years.
Therefore, we need your help to warn of these games and the immediate removal of such content.

Is there content unsuitable for minors?
We sure no !!!, anyway please be reminded here

Thanks for your trust, we make every effort to make this site a secure web for all ages :)

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