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Delve into the jungle to experience the adventures of Tarzan with his animal friends and the other characters that star in this great Disney classic.

Tarzan is the son of an English couple who wrecked after the fire the ship in which they were traveling. They managed to survive and make a shelter but the one leopard attacks them ending their life and being Tarzan the only survivor. Gorilla Kala finds the baby and decides to raise him, although her husband and chief of the Kerchak tribe disagreed. From that moment Tarzan would live with the tribe of Gorillas and will become close friends with a young gorilla named Terk and Tanto a little elephant. When he grows up, Tarzan has become a young man with great strength and dexterity, he would rid his tribe of the threat of the leopard, ending his life. Everything changes with the arrival of some explorers among whom are Jane, the daughter of an old and friendly researcher. What they did not know is that for those who worked they wanted to harm the gorillas and not study them like them. A series of Adventures in which Tarzan will face both Jane's love and the enemies that threaten the members of her tribe.

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